Medicated Runtz-Gummies Green Apple 500mg THC


Medicated Runtz-Gummies,

Runtz Gummies Mylar Bag 500mg Childproof Edibles Zipper Packaging Pouch Retail Storage Package for Dry Herb Tobacco Flower.
RUNTZ BRAND GUMMIES (500mg). $60.00. Why buy White Runtz Gummies? Aside from being delicious tasting cannabis-infused edible. They pack a potent kick to …

Medicated Runtz Gummies

Each gummy contains 50mg of hemp derived delta 8 thc per gummy. … These gummies are available currently in 4 flavor options; White Runtz (Fruit Punch), Original (Berries), Ether (Green Apple), and Pink Runtz (Watermelon). – Berries Flavor 500mg Mylar Bags edible packaging. As pictured, these are for edibles. Runtz Gummies

GUMMIES SAMPLER PACK – 25 EACH OF GREEN APPLE, WATERMELON, FRUIT PUNCH AND BERRIES Resealable Mylar 6.25″ x 4″ Bags – rounded corners and gusseted. Condition is New. Runtz edibles are infused with pure cannabis oil. This edibles contain 500mg thc per pack. Subscribe for Updates. 

New Runtz Bags 500mg Cannabis infused Gummies Stand Up Pouch Bags (Medicated Runtz-Gummies)

The bags are empty, no gummies inside.

Bags flavor list:

Fruit Punch


Green Apple


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