Clout Oozi Magnum


Clout Oozi Magnum:

I wanted to discuss why the Oozi Magnum by Clout Products is my new favorite dab. A lot about this clout magnum sets it apart from the competition. It’s a two-in-one. Vaping concentrates using a glass globe attachment vape has always captivated our interest. Thankfully, we were able to get our hands on the Clout Oozi Clip, a lightweight concentrate vaping  pen kit with a variable temperature regulated battery as well as a heavy-duty glass dome/globe adapter.

Oozi Magnum:

The Clout Oozi Magnum is our newest and largest dab pen (clearly and functionally similar to e-cigarettes) built to fit in your pocket while carrying the power with a variable voltage concentration vaporizer with an effortless operating menu that saves which mode you’re on after shutting it off. This magnum vape pen was designed to hold concentrates, like waxes and oils; it was made to resemble an ejuice pen to keep it covert and minimal.

The Clout Oozi Kit includes:
Instruction Guide manual
Variable Volt Power Battery
Metallic Cap
Coil Cap
Micro USB Charger
Silicone Cap
2 Quartz Coils

Oozi Magnum Battery:

This clout vape pen has a larger battery to last you more during the week or long weekend. You can even use it every freaking day if you want. This clout magnum vape’s battery was also impressive, lasting for numerous vape sessions once we had to recharge it out for the first session. We would strongly suggest this product as a high-quality, portable concentration vape.

So now, it includes a micro USB connector on the bottom, eliminating the need to unscrew the entire top part of the pen. There will be less trash and frustration!

Clout Oozi Magnum Cap:

To everyone who has smoked out of a hand pipe, the discrete metal stealth top cap has an incorporated built-in carb, which allows you to empty all the smoke accumulated in the tank quicker and better, providing you with the most blowout of an oozi pen. The upper half, or upper cap, is now slim without the dome, making it even more like an actual vape pen, plus its now tenfold  powerful clout magnum without the glass enclosure, so there’s no need to buy more. Because the caps are magnetic, they’ll attract to anything on the list above that is magnetic! The Magnum Caps are an addition that we developed to slot neatly into the base of your Magnum Oozi, allowing you to effortlessly store and transport your supplies while also getting rid of them.

This clout oozi Magnum is a little significant to take in your pocket in the past because of the glass globe attachment, but it delivers surprisingly effectively. It’s simple to use and offers a satisfying vape.

Oozi Magnum’s Base:

The Magnum’s base is magnetized, so you can adhere it to everything that reacts to magnets, including your table, microwave, laundry, bookshelves, automobile parts, and so on. We’ve made a fun little surprise that connects to the Magnum! Not only can you cling it to objects so you don’t lose or damage it, but we’ve created a fun little surprise that ties to the Magnum! Without a doubt, a huge success!

The interior contains silicone, making it stick-proof, and therefore it won’t get attached inside your vessel. This product utilizes and is functional with Oozi coils and the Oozi water pipe adapter.

If you don’t want to use the carb, it comes with a silicone cap. This Magnum battery will keep you going more during the day and contains a micro USB charging connector for easy charging. Finally, the bottom of this battery is magnetic, allowing you to store your pen almost anyplace, and our Magnum Caps fit flawlessly on the base of this pen. A little clout vape pen with a large battery.

Clout Oozi Magnum Packaging:

Their packaging looks cheerful and engaging at first glance, putting off a pleasant vibe. When you open the envelope of the oozi pen, all components are visible and ready to assemble. The power supply arrived fully charged and ready to use right away. You took a long, deep inhale after turning on the first setting. After some moments, condensate began to swirl around the globe, eventually filling it with a lovely cloud. You could tell right away that you got a full, condensed hit after clearing the globe with a full inhale — wonderful! Let’s smoke…!

I hope you all will enjoy this product, and if you have any queries, please leave them in the comments section below!


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