Kosher Kush Marijuana Strain


Kosher Kush Marijuana Strain

Kosher Kush is a 100% indica strain, so be prepared for its potent and sedating effects. It offers a euphoric and relaxing high, with a good chance of couchlock, so save this one for evening use when all duties have been fulfilled. Kosher Kush is also mightily refreshing – tasting of citrus, pine, and spice. Kosher Kush Marijuana Strain.
Notorious for being the very first commercial cannabis strain that has been blessed by a Rabbi, Kosher Kush’s name is quite fitting for its history and reputation. Seen by many as one of the tastiest smokes around, the high quality and odorous potency of the Kosher Kush strain has not gone unrecognized.

Winning Best Indica in both the 2010 and 2011 High Times Cannabis Cups, as well as the Best Cannabis Strain of 2011, Kosher Kush has become immensely famous, but it began its roots as a clone-only purchase developed in Los Angeles. Flash forward to the present year and Kosher Kush is finally available in seed form, transcribed by the geniuses over at DNA Genetics.

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What Is the Kosher Kush Cannabis Strain.

Classified as a 100% pure indica strain, Kosher overall is known to be a traditional and hard hitting sedative plus relaxant, that has massive THC levels which could easily wow the minds of even the most experienced cannaiseurs. THC levels for this cannabis strain often reach more than 29% in conducted lab tests, science proving just how potent this marijuana actually is.

It is clear that the genetics of Kosher are of fine origins, but no one actually knows where this melt-inducing cannabis strain came from. Some theorize that KK is a descendant of the famous OG Kush, which could link to why its genetics are so powerful.
Kosher Kush Cannabis Strain Aroma, Flavor and Appearance.


Part of what makes Kosher Kush so delectable and desirable, is its intense flavor and aroma profile. Many of those who have tried it have dubbed Kosher Kush, “the tastiest smoke on Earth”. Here at WayofLeaf, we would say we very much agree, as sweet and earthy notes blend together with citrus and pine.

There are a lot of extremely stinky cannabis strains in this world, but Kosher has to be amongst the top 5 most odorous cannabis types. Literally, the moment you open a baggie or jar of this stuff, your entire house will reek of this delectable marijuana. Its overall aroma is spicy, herbal and piney. Deceptive to your nose, you might not actually be able to tell this cannabis strain is sweet in flavor just by smelling it. It requires actual contact with the taste buds to fully understand the full-bodiedness of Kosher.

The flavor is initially quite earthy and pungent, but quickly these grounding tastes blend into the sweet, citrus and pine of a dynamic flavor profile. Appearance wise, unlike some indicas, Kosher Kush grows tall in height, typically becoming higher than 2 meters when fully grown, but although the size is not typical of an indica, the buds themselves very much are.

Leafy and featuring different shades of green, the buds are packed full of THC crystals, appearing as if a fresh bed of snow fell upon these frosty leaves. In between the bright green sugar leaves, are brassy orange pistils that curl and bend, blending amongst their high-inducing friends. If you can picture what a typical high-in-THC bud would look like, Kosher Kush would equal the epitome of this image.


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