TYPE: Sativa

THC: 17% to 22%

APPEARANCE: Hazenugs are covered in THC light green and have orange pistils.

SMELL: Hazes has a floral, spicy scent with accents of citrus and musky sweetness.

BEST FOR TREATING: Anxiety, Fatigue and Stress.

CREATED FEELINGS: Hazes creates a very alert and energetic high. You feel high focused and ready to take care of the task at hand.

DURATION: Great high for around 2 hours.

SIMILAR STRAINS: Green Crack, Jack Herer and Super Silver Hazes

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Hazestrain is a supersativa amongst cannabis strains and is the offspring of several landrace sativas. Though the exact lineage is unknown, it is believed Hazes is the offspring of Thai, Mexican, Jamaican and Columbian sativa varieties. Hazess has a high THC content around 22% with low CBD content. This produces an intense cerebral high that seems to have no ceiling. Hazess is jokingly considered the crack of marijuana strains for its clear and energetic high.

Hazes originated in Monterey, California but migrated to Amsterdam where it spawned the “Haze-Craze,” creating many popular Hazes phenotypes. first took root in Santa Cruz, California during the 1960s where long growing seasons accommodated her lengthy flowering cycle.

Since then, Hazess has become the proud parent of countless hybrids around the globe, passing on its genetics from ColombiaMexicoThailand, and South India. Haze’s aroma is typically characterized by a spicy scent accented by hints of citrus and earthy sweetness.

Haze sale

LIBERTY-HAZE™ is a strain created from a crossing of G13 with a fast flowering ChemDawg 91. This strain has both Indica and Sativa characteristics, and has a fast flowering time of 8-9 weeks, where it grows to a medium height.

This plant has a substantial girth, and performs excellently both indoors and outdoors.The long dense colas start to fatten up in the last few weeks, producing dense buds in a beautiful red and purple calyx. The buzz is immediate and long lasting, creating a euphoric cerebral effect. This strain has a distinct lime taste and fragrance.


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