Green Apple Rings Gummies (180mg THC)

Green Apple Rings

Green Apple Gummies By Ether Edibles Co.

Green Apple Rings Gummies (180mg THC) – Ether Edibles

Green Apple Rings | Ether Co. celebrates the growing culture of cannabis in Canada and its positive impact on the community. Working closely with our Canadian cultivation partners, we’re able to provide our customers with pure and potent cannabis products (cannabis gummies & cannabis candies) at affordable prices.

From edibles to concentrates, Ether Co. has the product to enhance your business. Ether Co. is committed to delivering exceptional and high-quality products to our customers. We believe that success in any aspect of life or business begins with delivering on what we promise and ensuring our customers are satisfied, without exception. With Ether Co., you can expect prompt responses and reliable products (cannabis gummies & cannabis candies) with every order. Elevate your every day with Ether Co.

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Flavors: Wacky Watermelons | Rainbow Sour Belts | Sour Gummy Worms | Green Apple Rings | Mango Bears.

THC Content: 180mg THC – each packages comes with 6 x 30mg lab-tested gummies. Read more about THC dosage!

Used For: Insomnia | Stress | Anxiety | Pain | Inflammation | Depression | Lack of Appetite | Euphoric | Nausea.

Looking for a stronger dosage? Ether Edibles also carries 300mg THC gummies here!

Apple gummy rings are sweet, chewy and so delightful! The ring gummy has become a fast favorite among young and old alike. They are soft and tasty but offer a simple hoop shape with an open middle and curved sides. Each piece includes a bright Granny Smith apple green side and a creamy white side, with both covered in an irresistible sugar coating.

Enjoy our bulk gummy rings in one flavor or try all your favorites! Each package contains a single flavor so you get exactly what you want when making shower or wedding favors or when stocking snacks at home or the office. Green Apple Rings Gummies.


" Wacky Watermelons ", " Rainbow Sour Belts ", " Sour Gummy Worms ", " Green Apple Rings ", " Mango Bears ", "


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