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Platinum OG is a precious indica-dominant strain that has established itself as one of the heaviest cannabis medications available today.

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Buy Platinum OG kush online, this cannabis strain  is just as precious as the metal it’s named after. This indica-dominant hybrid asserts itself as one of the “heaviest” strains around.

Platinum cannabis strain is purported to stem from three strains: Master Kush, OG Kush, and a third unknown parent. Flowers are lime green and plump, with prominent orange hairs and a platinum coating thanks to the abundance of THC crystals. A brief, heady onset settles into a powerful physical sedation suitable for nighttime use and pain, stress, or anxiety relief, making this precious strain a robust healer.

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Platinum OG is one of the most potent strains of cannabis around. At first it’ll relax the senses and fill you with a euphoric energy. It’ll then turn into one of the most heaviest body highs you’ve ever felt – as it’s both sedating and numbing. A great strain for those who really need to relax. Best done at night, near a cozy and soft bed.
platinum og
As a results of recent group action efforts for marijuana being employed for the aim of healthful treatments, several marijuana strains are being bred strictly with their medicinal advantages in mind, whether or not this is often to produce relief from chronic, disabling pains or to assist manage mental state conditions.

Noble metal OG kush is one in every of these strains, ideal for reducing the negative effects of variety of various conditions and creating life manageable again. This doesn’t mean that noble metal strain does not have its recreational uses as well, though. like most hybrid strains, there’s a bit something to be gained for everyone.

Let’s look a bit nearer at noble metal willnabis strain and conclude what it’s to supply as a strain and whether or not its medical advantages can facilitate to vary your life.

What’s the noble metal OG Cannabis Strain?

Noble metal OG could be a 75% indica / 25% sativa hybrid strain that unsurprisingly leans additional towards an Indica in terms of its effects with a robust body high. noble metal OG’s precise lineage is unknown, with it being the result of Master Kush, an indica, and OG Kush, a hybrid, crossed with another unidentified strain.

These 3 strains have close to form a strain with robust earthy and natural notes, in each its flavor and aroma, that make a nice and calming expertise to smoke. noble metal OG got its name from its appearance; in particular, the mind-altering drug crystals that cowl the buds that gibe the valuable metal of a similar name.

Represented as being one in every of the ‘heaviest’ strains available, don’t let the natural calming aroma of noble metal OG trick you into thinking that this is often a strain which will go straightforward on you. starting with a mind high that relaxes your thoughts and fills you with method} of euphoria, you’d expect a slow and chilled high, that works its way through your body over an extended amount of time.

This is often not the case, with the high quickly developing and moving through your body. beginning with a desensitising feeling that travels throughout your body, creating you are feeling weighed down, you chop-chop notice the powerful physical effects of noble metal OG.

Noble metal OG is suggested as a nighttime strain, because it is unlikely that you simply can feel actuated enough to continue with traditional daily tasks round the house, in addition to heading into city and socializing. The body high that comes on suddenly leaves you feeling sleepy-eyed and barred to the couch, with an important feeling throughout your body.

it’s recommended that you simply take noble metal OG with caution at first, particularly if you’re not wont to the stronger effects that may be felt with an Indica. Taken in little doses, it are often the best strain for outlay the night ahead of the TV, operating your approach through your favorite shows and enjoying the happy feeling that’s felt at the beginning of the high.

However, because of the strain’s powerful drowsy effects, you’re unlikely to recollect the smaller details succeeding morning, with massive chunks of your time ostensible to fade from your memory.When taken in larger doses,

Buy Platinum OG kush online acts as AN intense sleeping pill, leading to an extended and deep night’s sleep. this is often the quantity one reason for noble metal OG’s popularity, being an incredible sleep aid for severe cases of Insomnia.What are you able to expect from noble metal OG in terms of its aroma and flavor, are they as sleep-inducing as its effects?

Noble metal OG Aroma, Flavor, and look


Buy Platinum OG kush online aroma is somewhat stunning on condition that it’s named when a kind of metal. instead of the metallic, chemical smell simply} would expect, you instead get robust earthy tones that feel extraordinarily natural.

The initial aroma of noble metal OG is one that resembles thickly packed earth just after a rainstorm, filling your sinuses with a fresh, natural smell. Upon grinding the refined flavorer tones begin to return out, taking you on a journey through AN herb garden, inhaling all of the various flavorer scents at once.

Inhaling noble metal OG’s smoke could be a swish expertise that fills you with a combination of pine and earth. there’s conjointly an underlying hint of spice, which adds a heat to the air, calming your mind and reminding you of long season nights around a bonfire, whereas sipping a spiced pumpkin latte.

However will noble metal OG style and feel on your tongue once smoking? Do its strong, earthy tones transcend simply its aroma?


Noble metal OG’s flavor matches its aroma with some further extras that surprise your style buds initially however quickly become enjoyable. Upon inhaling, your taste buds receive a robust earthy flavor that develops on your tongue, transferral out woody hints. Over time, you start to note the more hidden notes, characteristic the woody flavor as being pine.

Eupnoeic releases the various flavors with a surprise low taste being left in your mouth, one thing that you simply wouldn’t expect up till this point. additional puffs give your taste buds to regulate and you’re ready to notice all of the various flavors and appreciate every one on their own, whereas conjointly somehow managing to relish however they work together.

As this strain is called when the valuable metal noble metal, what are you able to expect from noble metal OG’s appearance?


Watching Platinum OG, it’s clear how it got its name. The vibrant, light-weight inexperienced buds are coated in a very silver sheen, that appearance significantly sort of a skinny metal coasting. This coating is that the results of the strains high mind-altering drug content, forming crystals on the surface of the buds.

Trying on the far side the metal cover, you’ll notice outstanding orange hairs that job their approach through the buds, making a noteworthy pattern that’s rather beautiful. The plants leaves conjointly supply their own beauty, being sleek in form and having a shine to them once in direct sunlight.

You may be questioning however you’ll be able to grow your terribly own noble metal OG at home. Luckily, it’s an improbably straightforward strain to grow, creating it ideal for beginners. Let’s take a better explore what you would like to grasp in order to begin growing.

Noble metal OG Cannabis Strain Grow data

Noble metal OG is an easy plant to grow, requiring little or no care as long as you get the temperature right and provides it enough area to grow freely. noble metal OG doesn’t respond well to temperature changes; for this reason, growing inside is maybe the thanks to go if you’re unaccustomed growing, or live somewhere with a temperamental climate. Even nighttime drops in temperature are often enough to upset the plant, leading to a extended growth time and far smaller harvest. This being said, it’s attainable to grow noble metal OG with success outside within the right climate, with plants ordinarily being able to harvest by October.

You’ll be able to expect a mean flowering time of nine weeks, with some plants being prepared by week 7. Plants tend to grow to an average height, with smaller plants stopping around thirty inches and bigger plants growing up to eighty inches. the peak of your plant depends on variety of factors, as well as temperature, daylight and also the house that it’s really to grow in.

Before you begin finance your money and time into growing, you may be questioning what you’ll be able to expect in terms of mind-altering drug and CBD levels from noble metal OG.

THC Content – Highest take a look at

noble metal OG includes a over average THC content for an Indica dominant strain, with averages of 12�ing found in indica-dominant hybrid strains. Average levels are reported as being 17%, with highs of 24% in some cases for noble metal OG. This high level of THC explains the significant body high that’s practised with noble metal OG and why this is often a strain with the flexibility to knock you out.

However will its CBD content compare?

CBD Content – Highest take a look at

The precise CBD content of noble metal OG is unknown, one thing that’s quite common with strains that have such a high level of mind-altering drug. the final rule is that the upper the THC content, the less CBD you’ll be able to expect to seek out in a very strain, and this appears to significantly be the case with noble metal OG.

Reports have shown that the CBD level of noble metal OG is a smaller amount than 1%, leading to a strain that is dependent on its body high effects for its medical advantages. thus simply what quite medical benefits are often found in noble metal OG?

Medical advantages of the noble metal OG Cannabis Strain

Noble metal OG could be a significant strain that has extraordinarily robust sedative effects and has resulted in it being a well-liked strain for folks that suffer from Insomnia. in contrast to most indicas, you are doing not ought to take an outsized dose of noble metal OG to feel its calming, sleep-inducing effects. With just some puffs you start to feel the load unfold through your body and a tired wave intercommunicate you.

Noble metal OG has been counseled as another dark medication, as managing sleep disorder and evening depression that may create it difficult to induce a full night’s sleep. The fast-acting high means you are doing not got to wait long for the physical effects of noble metal OG to line in and may nearly always guarantee a long, straightforward night’s sleep, while not having to handle the results of a mental high.

Noble metal OG may also be wont to management chronic pains and muscle spasms, due to its body desensitising effects. it’s necessary to be absolutely awake to simply however robust a strain this is often and also the drowsy effects that it has. whereas great for managing pains, it’ll not enable you to hold out daily active tasks with ease, as your body feels significant and weighed down. noble metal OG could, however, be a good strain for combating chronic pains that stop you from sleeping at night.

The sedative effects of noble metal OG create it a strain value considering if you suffer from severe Stress that always makes it tough to achieve a full and peaceful night’s sleep. With the start of the high operating to clear your mind and also the body effects that quickly hit, you’re ready to doze off to sleep worry-free.

It’s extraordinarily rare to seek out a strain of Marijuana that doesn’t accompany some kind of adverse aspect effects. What then are you able to expect from noble metal OG, in terms of its side effects?

Attainable Aspect Effects of the noble metal OG Cannabis Strain

One major reason for noble metal OG’s quality is that it comes with terribly few aspect effects. As is usually the case with Marijuana you’re possible to expertise dry eyes ANd cotton-mouth, each of that are temporary effects. however be warned, because of most of the high being spent asleep, it’s straightforward to become dehydrated. it’s common to get up with an unpleasantly cotton feel to your mouth, thus confirm to depart a glass of water inside easy reach of your bed prepared for succeeding morning.

Alternative reported side effects embrace feeling dizzy, headaches and feelings of anxiety. All of those effects have solely been reported in a small range of cases and may not place you off making an attempt noble metal OG. Buy Platinum OG kush

Final Thoughts on noble metal OG Cannabis Strain

Noble metal cannabis strain could be a strain like few others, with amazingly robust physical effects for a hybrid, which can leave you in a very sedative state inside a brief house of time. the most reason for taking noble metal OG is for its healthful benefits, chiefly as a sleep aid.

Though reckoning on the kind of high simply} are looking out for, noble metal OG would possibly just have one thing to supply for recreational purposes.

The flavour and aroma of noble metal OG are nothing to a fault surprising; with a natural taste, this is often not a strain which will be remembered for its strong flavor or distinctive scent. What extremely makes noble metal OG stand out from the gang is its superbly sleek, gold-bearing look which provides it its name.

If you’re searching for a hybrid that gives a robust body high with a myriad of healthful effects, particularly thus if you are trying to use it as a sleep aid, noble metal OG would possibly simply be the strain for you.Buy Platinum OG kush


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