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The Panama strain is the result of the crossing of 3 different strains and is 100% sativa. Like its name implies, it originated in Panama, and boasts the same tropical and earthy vibes as the country itself. It has hints of licorice, tropical fruit, and citrus, and is perfect for mellowing out in a euphoric and ultra-relaxing bliss

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About Effects of the Panama Strain

Panama Red is best described as an old-school cannabis classic. Originating from Panama, this pure sativa rose to stardom in the late 1960’s thanks to its speedy and intense effects, bordering on psychedelic. As cannabis cultivation matured, Panama Cannabis Strain which has a lengthy flowering time of at least 11 weeks, was left behind for faster growing strains and increased profits.

However, those who fondly recall days of its prominence love its smooth medicating experience and loftily contemplate its revival. If you can get your hands on this sentimental throwback, do not hesitate to groove down memory lane and enjoy the ride.

Panama Red is a Sativa strain that first gained popularity back in the 1960s and was widely loved up through the nineties. Providing a mellow cerebral high that is slightly on the euphoric and energetic side, the strain is a pretty classic Sativa.

Still, Panama Red does have some relaxing bodily effects. A few users also feel much more creative after using the strain. This Sativa will leave most users eyes drier than their mouths but may also cause headaches, anxiety and paranoia.

The strain is ideal for daytime use to cope with stress and anxiety, or to alleviate the oppressing effects of depression. The slight body high of Panama Red may help make some mild aches and pains more manageable. They may also help fight eating disorders such as anorexia. It may also be good for relieving users of inflammation and nausea.

Panama Red is a pure landrace Sativa strain named after the country it came from and seeds are now really only available from the original breeder Reeferman. The decline of the strain’s popularity is due to it’s long flowering time that ranges between 11 and 12 weeks and it’s moderate yield with a low THC count. Even so, for many the strain remains a favorite for its ease of growth both indoors and out.

The Panama strain is the result of the crossing of 3 different strains and is 100% sativa. Like its name implies, it originated in Panama, and boasts the same tropical and earthy vibes as the country itself. It has hints of licorice, tropical fruit, and citrus, and is perfect for mellowing out in a euphoric and ultra-relaxing bliss.


Buy Panama Red Marijuana Strain Online

Panama Red Marijuana Strain isn’t simply a place, it’s additionally a singular cannabis strain with a noteworthy parentage. it’s the fruits of 3 totally different sativa strains. If you’re trying to find a bit adventure, this can be a strain you’d enjoy.

Panama weed could inspire visions of a tropical paradise, together with ocean salt wind and a lazy day on the beach. This explicit strain has been aforesaid to possess a sleek and mellow hit in conjunction with a small elated edge.

it’s roots (no pun intended) that go as way back because the ‘60s and is wide thought-about to be a classic.

As its name implies, it originated from Panama and have become quite fashionable thanks to its sativa heritage. it’s a protracted growing time, however users have authenticated to its pleasant and delicate flavors.

what’s the Panama Strain?

Panama Red Marijuana Strain may be a 100 percent pure sativa strain. it’s considered to be a landrace strain. A landrace strain is one that’s has been custom-made for growth in an exceedingly specific climate.


The Panama strain has a very earthy, tropical smell. Some report that the aroma is pungent and clammy with a light hint of citrus. Some users have declared that the aroma are often a touch dank and skunky. Effects of the Panama Strain


Panama Red Marijuana Strain incorporates a cool, sweet licorice flavor on the inhale rounded with a success of woodsy, grassy undertones on the exhale. Most users state that the flavour isn’t overwhelming and is instead a touch light.


Panama strain seeds manufacture plants that are tall, branched and slender with tight inexperienced buds. The leaves tend to be slender and bright coloured with alternating golds, reds, and purples. The leaves are waxy and contain a thick coat of resin.

Panama Strain Growth information

This sativa strain fell out of favor for a short while thanks to its long growing time. an entire growing cycle is between 11-12 weeks. With this long growing time, several growers might not have the patience to cultivate this strain. It are often fully grown indoors, except for best results and better yield, this strain ought to be grown outdoors.

Panama needs lots of sun furthermore as a soil high in nutrients. several users have complained regarding however it’s troublesome to grow, however if fully grown in sure conditions, it will have a really high yield.

mind-altering drug Content – Highest check

The Panama strain isn’t high on the THC scale. In spite of its pure sativa background, it comes in at about solely 15%.

CBD Content – Highest check

Panama has no CBD.

Medical advantages of Panama Marijuana

Panama has been wont to alleviate chronic fatigue. Users have indicated that it’s a long-lasting positive result on their energy levels, inflicting solely a lightweight buzz and a rise in psychological feature function. it’s been aforesaid to boost stress, anxiety, and depression.

Attainable aspect Effects of the Panama Strain

In conjunction with enhanced energy, users have reportable some psychedelic effects. it’s been indicated to improve mood and reduce depression whereas causing feelings of relaxation. it’s going to stimulate craving furthermore.

Some have reported that the Panama Red Cannabis will decrease discomfort and pain from nausea as well as inflammation. With the Panama strain, there are attainable adverse effects, together with dry mouth, dizziness, paranoia, and headaches.

Final Thoughts on the Panama Strain

The Panama Red Cannabis may be a low-THC choice that will be smart for anyone simply venturing out into cannabis. it’s going to increase feelings of relaxation and calm and encourage a stronger appetite. Its aroma, tho’ unpleasant for some, has been noted as earthy, tropical, grassy and a bit sweet.

For anyone seeking a strain that grows quickly, this might be a tough strain to handle. it’s a long harvest home time of up to twelve weeks and prospers outside. It wants tons of sun which would be a challenge for growers in climates that are usually overcast or cool.

Despite a number of the drawbacks, if fully grown with care this strain will have a high yield. The strain primarily grows tall and slender, therefore those hoping to grow in an exceedingly tiny house may have to expand. Users have reportable that this strain has sweet licorice and tropical flavor with overtones of wood and earth. Overall, users state that it’s light-weight and pleasant.


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