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About Harlequin

Harlequin is a CBD-rich strain whose popularity predated the recent wave of non-psychoactive medical CBD strains like Charlotte’s Web.Buy Organic harlequin marijuana strain online is the sativa-dominant product of several different landrace strains: 1970s favorite Colombian Gold, Thai and Swiss sativa landraces, and a Nepali indica variety.

These patchwork genetics may account for the strain’s name — “harlequin” originally referred to the brightly-patterned costumes of traditional Italian clowns of the same name.

Harlequin marijuana strain is approximately 75% sativa, although it lacks the characteristically strong cerebral sativa high due to the mitigating presence of CBD. The standard ratio of CBD to THC in Harlequin is 5:2. Cannabis lab Analytics 360 has measured samples of harlequin marijuana strain at between 4% to 10% THC  and 6% to 15% CBD. Harlequin has won multiple Cannabis Cup awards for its CBD content in both bud and concentrate form.

Harlequin marijuana strain has tight, dense buds of medium size. Its leaves are medium green with pistils that vary in color from orange to vivid red. Despite lower than average concentrations of THC,harlequin marijuana strain is typically covered in sticky white trichomes. When properly cured, the buds smell musky with traces of tropical fruit underneath. The combusted flowers have a woody, earthy scent and taste of mango and citrus fruits when inhaled. The smooth smoke is not known to induce coughing, and it finishes with a rich, hashy aftertaste.

Because its THC content is so low, and because its high CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of that THC, Harlequin is not likely to get the user particularly high. Any mental effects take the form of an uplift in mood, conferring a mellow mindset and allowing for some mild anxiety relief. Some users report an increased sense of focus or a shift in perspective, but just as frequently, they’re able to pull themselves out of this altered state and closer to sobriety.

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Fans of the strain usually use bitter Diesel as their initial supply of medication to begin a protracted day–It’ll have you ever feeling awake and prepared to go. Being therefore sativa dominant, bitter Diesel virtually completely affects cerebral functions. There ought to be no couch lock or significant body feelings upon use if you’re smoking the important thing.

Sour Diesel tastes simply the method it smells: classic funky fuel aroma. And is why bitter D is so splendidly straightforward to smell out of a lineup.

The strain is so in style as a result of the high is sort of unimaginable with 20%+ THC associate degreed a high lasting 2-3 hours. Being therefore sativa dominant, it fills the body and furthermore the mind with motivating, rising energy. it’s a precise mood attention and depression destroyer. Being in an exceedingly sensible mood is an easy and natural feeling whereas experiencing bitter Diesel.


Buy Organic harlequin marijuana strain online isn’t inadvertently and isn’t any longer simply an geographical area phenomenon. The strain is one among the foremost facinating strains in cannabis history. It makes funny things that a lot of funnier; it makes good food style that much better.

As a mood enhancer, it merely makes life a lot of fun. the foremost normal of nights out quickly become unforgettable once Sour Diesel gets involve. over simply a mood enhancer, the strain has additionally been found to be effective within the treatment of: depression. additionally anxiety, stress, and craving issues. deserve its fame, this strain remains and invariably are going to be one among the simplest strains on the planet.


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