blue runtz strain


Blue Runtz Strain (65% Indica/35% Sativa), this a reasonable Indica hybrid made through a cross between flavor-pressed Blueberry x White Runtz.

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blue runtz strain

Blue Runtz is a cross between Blueberry and NYC Diesel. It is a sweet scent that will make you feel happy and relaxed. This strain should not be consumed by people with anxiety or depression as it can worsen these conditions. The aroma of this variety is earthy with a sweet undertone. The taste is similar to the aroma but richer and deeper. Blue Runtz will leave you relaxed and happy. This strain can be useful for those who sleep poorly or suffer from chronic pain due to its sedative effects. Keep in mind that this strain is high in THC and should not be used by novice users looking for relaxation without psychoactive effects. A vibrant palette of blues and purples to deep greens and vibrant oranges is often found in the dense, dense buds of Blue Runtz strain

How to Grow Runtz Weed Strain (Blue Runtz Strain)

Runtz seeds are rare but available as regular and feminized seeds from a handful of seed banks. Its seeds are usually made from an original clone-only Runtz. As one of the newer strains on the market, its phenotypes can match the hyped-about Runtz or one of its parents. Either way, the strain can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Some growers claim that Runtz thrives in the outdoors and produces a better yield, flavor, and aroma. However, growing plants indoors is perfectly fine. Like many other Cookies strains, this hybrid has a strong growth with a slender body. Expect strong lateral branching. This strain responds so well to training and apical pruning.

During its growth, this plant is very hardy and low maintenance. This strain has been able to adapt to SOG or SCROG cultivation methods. It has also grown well under various substrates such as soil, Rockwool, coconut, or hydroponic systems.


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