Abbot Kinney OG


Abbot Kinney OG is an extremely strong cannabis strain, with most experienced smokers listing it as one of their favourites. The effects are as strong and complex as the flavour. We recommend using a high-quality vaporizer for the ultimate healthy enjoyment of this premium flower! We grind ours using the world’s best grinders

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Abbot Kinney OG:

Abbot Kinney OG is an exceptional strain for most mature smokers. The OG prefix stands for “Ocean Grown,” pointing to the strain’s origins having grown inside the Pacific Ocean in Southern California instead of “Mountain Grown.” This strain resulted in a fantastic kush, widely regarded as the undisputed king of indica today. Abbot Kinney OG Kush strain is a favorite of many, from Actors and musicians to medical marijuana users. Additionally, prerolls are provided for comfort.
It’s a Green Door West-only indica variety!

The appearance of Abbot Kinney OG:

The odor is strong, distinctive, very dense, and mildly citrus-like. The flavor is similarly rich and pungent, with a persisting finish. With a THC level above 25%, this rare indica-dominant flower has powerful medical advantages. On the exhale, the taste remains original to a nice original OG. The blossoms are generous, and a pale lime green color, with noticeable orange hairs and a crystalline covering, reveals the plant’s high THC content.

Effects of Abbot Kinney OG:

The effects are substantial, soothing the user into profound physical sleepiness ideal for use at night. If you’re looking to relax, hybrid cannabis strains might be the ticket. Abbot Kinney OG strain is also an excellent healer for reducing distress, depression, and anxiety. You will not be disappointed if you taste this locally-grown jewel!

Abbot Kinney OG for Sale:

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Final View:

Abbot Kinney OG is a potent cannabis strain favorite of most seasoned smokers. The sensations are every bit as rich and complicated as the aroma. We suggest using a high-quality smoker to get the most out of this top-quality flower’s health benefits! The consequences are every bit as powerful and nuanced as the aroma.


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